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San Diego Wedding Photographers – Different Styles of Wedding Photography


Chelsea-close-up-sepia-150The process of choosing a San Diego wedding photographer doesn’t end with a signed contract and a down payment. You must decide what you want from your San Diego wedding photographer in terms of photography style. You may cherish formal photographs or revel in beautifully candid ones. You may find color photographs to be vivid and exciting, or appreciate the depth and beauty of black and white photography. Or, you may not yet know what you like!

There are many styles of wedding photojournalism, and there are many levels of wedding photojournalism as well. In other words, although there are many, well-qualified and talented San Diego wedding photographers who employ a specific photojournalism style, there are just as many photographers who claim to specialize in a certain type of wedding photojournalism but don’t have the needed experience or the education.

The bottom line: do your research and decide which type of wedding photography style you like. Then you are better prepared to begin the process of interviewing and reviewing San Diego wedding photographers’ sample books to find the San Diego wedding photographer that best captures the type of wedding photojournalism you are looking for.

The following details the most common styles of wedding photography:
· Photojournalism – Wedding photojournalism is a popular trend in wedding photography, as it typically involves the San Diego wedding photographer following the bride and groom throughout their day and taking candid shots. In the end, wedding photojournalism essentially tells the story of the couple’s wedding day. Wedding photojournalism typically requires that the San Diego wedding photographer take no planned, or formal, photographs. A more experienced San Diego wedding photographer is usually better qualified to shoot in this style, as it often requires shooting in ambient light, which can be difficult for inexperienced photographers.

San Diego Wedding Photojournalism - Your Wedding Day Story in Pictures

San Diego Wedding Photojournalism - Your Wedding Day Story in Pictures

 · Traditional – Traditional wedding photography is a more formal alternative to photojournalism, as it typically involves posed shots and a formal shot list. A San Diego wedding photographer who shoots traditional wedding photographs will likely have a routine, which may prove useful for some couples and too rigid for others. Traditional photography is still popular among today’s brides and grooms, as it produces timeless photographs that are appreciated for generations to come.

Traditional Wedding Photography with a San Diego backdrop

Traditional Wedding Photography With a San Diego Backdrop

· Illustrative or Artistic Photography – Illustrative wedding photography, also known as artistic photography, involves a more creative flair on the part of the San Diego wedding photographer. The San Diego wedding photographer may use creative backgrounds, interesting composition and unusual lighting. The San Diego wedding photographer may also use special effects such as soft focus lenses and hand-colored images. Illustrative photography often produces trendy photographs that boast interesting camera angles and unique, candid photographs. While some couples appreciate the modern effect of illustrative photography, others may find it to be too edgy. It is important to remember that illustrative photography can vary depending on the vision of the photographer, which may result in a less-than-thrilling final product if your San Diego wedding photographer has ideas that don’t mesh well with your expectations.


Every San Diego wedding photographer has his or her own style. Finding one that matches up with the pictures you imagine will ensure your wedding is captured in the most beautiful way.

Artistic Wedding Photography - Capturing Your Wedding Day Creatively

Artistic Wedding Photography - Capturing Your Wedding Day Creatively

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