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Five Key Questions to Ask Your San Diego Wedding Photographer


Bride-groom-on-bridge-150Choosing a San Diego wedding photographer is an essential part of planning a wedding, as you’ll want to capture your special day with extraordinary photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime.

It is, therefore, important that you remain on the same page as your San Diego wedding photographer to avoid any last-minute misunderstanding, which on this special day turn into catastrophes. Aside from the obvious information you’ll want to have regarding your San Diego wedding, such as the cost and the services, you will want to make sure your San Diego wedding photographer understands your goals, your expectations and your aspirations.

The following list outlines the top, five questions you’ll want to ask your San Diego wedding photographer:

1.      Do you have a backup plan in case you are unable to make it to the wedding?

There could be nothing more tragic than learning that your San Diego wedding photographer is sick in bed with the flu on the day of your wedding. Most San Diego wedding photographers will have assistants or associates as back-up plans, but you’d be surprised at how many do not. For goodness sakes, make sure your San Diego wedding photographer has a plan B in his or her back pocket in case the unexpected happens.  

 2.      Do you have backup equipment?

Again, on the same note as the first question, having a camera break in the middle of your wedding could result in a wedding-day disaster. Although most professional wedding photographers have backup cameras and equipment on hand and ready to go at a moment’s notice, it is still wise to make sure your San Diego wedding photographer is prepared for the inevitable.

 3.      How long will you stay at my wedding?

There have been more than a few unsatisfied newly married couples see their wedding photographer bolt out of the wedding before it was over. Make sure your San Diego wedding photographer understands exactly what you want photographed, and how long you want him or her to stay. In addition, make sure the contract reflects your time requirement. For example, many couples prefer only to have their ceremony photographs taken, while others may want the photographer to stay throughout the reception. The choice is yours: just make sure you and your San Diego wedding photographer are both in agreement regarding his or her stay.

4.      Do you process and develop your own prints?

Many professional wedding photographers process and develop their own photographs, while others send them out to be handled by a photo processing service. While choosing a San Diego wedding photographer that handles his or her own photographs may be slightly more costly, many couples find that it gives the photographer more control over the finished product, thereby resulting in a more professional, polished product.

 5.       Have you photographed weddings at the same location before?

Choosing a San Diego wedding photographer that has experience shooting at the same location of your wedding and/or reception may benefit you because the photographer has experience regarding the conditions of the specific location, as well as the difficulties, opportunities or challenges that may exist. Ask to see the photographer’s samples from the same location so that you can get an idea of what to expect from your wedding photographs.

Asking these questions will ensure that you and your San Diego wedding photographer are on the same (photo album) page!

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