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For the San Diego Bride – Choosing the Picture Perfect Wedding Photographer


wedding-party-150Although there are a seemingly endless amount of decisions which must be made for your wedding, the process of choosing your San Diego wedding photographer is perhaps the most nerve-wracking and important decision of all. These are your wedding photographs, after all. These are the photographs that will be displayed proudly on your mantel, the photographs that you will use when reminiscing with your spouse for years come, and the photographs that will be enjoyed by future generations. Talk about pressure!

Luckily for you, there are many qualified wedding photographers in the San Diego area. Nevertheless, you’ll need to do your homework and conduct some research before choosing the San Diego wedding photographer that’s right for you.

The following list details some of the questions you’ll want answered, and some of the information you’ll want to obtain, before choosing your wedding photographer:

Select a Wedding Photographer Familiar With San Diego Wedding Locations

Select a Wedding Photographer Familiar With San Diego Wedding Locations

1. How much experience does the photographer have?

In other words, how many weddings has this person photographed? Has this photographer taken wedding photographs in the same wedding reception location as you have chosen? There are so many fantastic locations for weddings and wedding photography in the San Diego area. Places that even those of us who live here in San Diego might not think about or be aware of. And the location within the location is extremely important. Balboa Park has some amazing places for engagement photos and bridals. But do you know from where those shots originate? Fabulous beach bridals would be amazing, but what beaches – and at what time of day will you get the best shots? Your wedding photographer should know the answers to these questions. Hiring someone who has knowledge of these great San Diego wedding photo locations is key.

2. What is the photographer’s style? Scrutinize the San Diego wedding photographer’s samples and determine if he or she meets your expectations for your wedding photographs. Some photographers specialize in photojournalism, formal, classic and candid, just for starters. Take the time to review the photographer’s books so that you can determine if he or she can accommodate your needs.

3. Who will be photographing your wedding? You may hire a well-qualified, experienced photographer only to find out that he or she has sent an assistant or associate to cover your wedding. Therefore, it is best to make certain that the photographer you hire is the person who will show up for your wedding.

4. Do you have a good rapport with the wedding photographer? You may have found the most talented of San Diego wedding photographers, but you simply do not get along with the individual. If this is the case, you may want to consider choosing a alternative photographer. A good rapport with all of your wedding vendors is essential, but especially when choosing a photographer, as he or she will be with you for the better part of your special day.

5. Is the contract clear and understandable? A clear, concise contract is especially important when hiring a San Diego wedding photographer, as misunderstandings and confusing contract language can result in an inflated bill, unwanted services or a less-than-cohesive wedding photography package. Be sure you clearly understand what you are signing. And do not be afraid to ask questions.

6. Can the photographer provide you with references? You should always check a wedding photographer’s references before signing a contract, as past customers are often the easiest way to determine if the photographer can provide you with excellent photography and great customer service. There are so many well established San Diego wedding photographers, it may be hard to know where to begin your search. Some of the questions you may want to ask previous brides and grooms when checking references include: Was the wedding photographer professional? Did he/she show up on time? Did he/she take all requested photographs? How was the quality of the work? Is there anything that you didn’t like about the photographer? Did he/she provide you with proofs in a reasonable amount of time? Are you happy with your wedding photographs? Would you refer this photographer to your best friend?

Choosing the picture perfect San Diego wedding photographer is an important decision. Taking your time to research your choices and asking each photographer you interview the above questions will ensure that your memories are beautifully preserved for years to come.

Choose a Wedding Photographer Who Understands the Style of Photography You Desire

Choose a Wedding Photographer Who Understands the Style of Photography You Desire

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