Thursday, April 26th, 2018

1st Class Wedding Invitations – Blending Style, Customization, and Affordability

There is a moment of pure anticipation the minute a couple drops their wedding invitations into the mailbox. Even though it will take a few days for each invite to circulate through the post office, there is a sudden rush of excitement knowing that very soon people will open and gaze upon the wedding details you have meticulously put together.  Wedding invitations set the tone for the upcoming event... [Read more]

Destination Weddings – Top Five Locations Worldwide

Planning a wedding is hard enough in your own home town, but pulling off an event out of town is a true challenge. You barely know your own way around, and now you have dozens if not hundreds of people to account for. But the perks of a destination wedding (and planning one) truly outweigh the negative elements – you experience the romance and mystique of another location while having a wedding/honeymoon/getaway... [Read more]

For the San Diego Bride – Choosing the Picture Perfect Wedding Photographer

Although there are a seemingly endless amount of decisions which must be made for your wedding, the process of choosing your San Diego wedding photographer is perhaps the most nerve-wracking and important decision of all. These are your wedding photographs, after all. These are the photographs that will be displayed proudly on your mantel, the photographs that you will use when reminiscing with your... [Read more]

Surviving Your Wedding: Stress-Free Wedding Tips

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, which is why many brides rely on their planner, family, and friends to offer helpful, stress-free wedding tips during the entire process. Surviving wedding stress and preventing potential problems can be achieved with enough time and the right plan of action. Continue reading to discover five ways to combat stressful wedding situations.   Learn How to Manage Tasks... [Read more]

Essentials for Brides: 10 Tips to Keep You Looking Your Best

There are a few items that every bride should keep with her at all times on her wedding day. Things such as comfortable shoes, a compact mirror, and aspirin are perhaps some of the most essential bride must-haves. Stay prepared for any minor catastrophe with these helpful wedding tips that will keep you looking and feeling your best. It’s the day of your wedding, and the tips and advice you received... [Read more]

Stylish San Diego Wedding Décor – Five Hottest Trends

San Diego wedding décor is classic, trendy, traditional, modern and cutting edge. In other words, any style goes! However, there are certainly some trends in San Diego wedding décor that have captured our attention. The following list highlights five of the hottest new trends in San Diego wedding décor. · Accent and event lighting – Lighting is being used in so many different ways when it comes... [Read more]

Our Own Perfect San Diego Wedding

Our wedding was perfect! We were very blessed to have an outdoor wedding in sunny San Diego, California, where our son Thomas Robert Jones II married the lovely Chelsea Rebecca Wright last Saturday, July 18, 2009. I am excited to share all of the wonderful wedding details, which when brought to conclusion were so fabulous. Through this experience we learned a lot about wedding planning! This post... [Read more]

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