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Welcome to the wedding planning article section of The Wedding! Congratulations! You’re getting married! There are so many beautiful traditions to include in your wedding ceremony and reception. If you would like to learn more about time-honored wedding traditions, you’ve come to the right place! The articles below all relate to wedding traditions and etiquette. Our wedding professionals offer helpful information and advice on customary, as well as innovative wedding traditions for your special day.

These articles are written by some of the most trusted wedding professionals in the wedding industry. If you are planning a wedding, please contact any of these authors for additional information or assistance! They are delighted to help! You will find contact information in their biography, attached to each wedding article.

If you are a wedding professional and would like to offer helpful advice and information to brides and grooms visiting The Wedding Source, we encourage you to submit your wedding related article for publishing on The Wedding Please create an author account by clicking on the “Become an Author” link in the left hand column of this page. Your author account consists of your contact information, as well a direct link to your website. Once your author account is created, we are delighted to have you submit wedding related articles!

Today's marriage ceremony is made up of a number of different wedding traditions, many of which have their origins in historical necessity or superstitions. Whether it's wearing a white gown or tying cans to the bumper, our most beloved wedding customs provide us with a link to the past!

Wedding Etiquette - Stand For The Bride

My experience in officiating as many as 12 weddings in a month has given me a unique insight into wedding etiquette. Some of the trends today concern me, because it appears that people are not very interested in showing respect to other people in ordinary social situations. Either that, or they just have not been made aware of how their behavior impacts other people. I've heard it said that when courtesy is eroded, civilizations decline. That is an interesting thought.

Do you remember what is was like to be a little girl and dream of your wedding day? How many of you pictured yourself in your mother's dress or wearing your grandmother's necklace from her wedding day?

Felicidades: Your Cuban Themed Wedding

Embrace your culture by enveloping it in every concept of your wedding: from invitations to the reception. Get creative! For example, your save the dates could be replicas of Cuban cigars. Your guests can unroll the message and view it like a scroll.

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