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This is such an exciting time in your life and we are delighted to assist you in planning the perfect wedding! We’re glad you are visiting the wedding planning article section of The Wedding If you have unanswered questions about any aspect of wedding planning, you’ve come to the right place! Our wedding professionals offer information on everything from wedding day tips for the bride, to planning the perfect autumn wedding, even “going green” on your wedding day!

These articles are written by some of the most trusted wedding professionals in the wedding industry. If you are planning a wedding, please contact any of these authors for additional information or assistance! They are delighted to help! You will find contact information in their biography, attached to each wedding article.

If you are a wedding professional and would like to offer helpful advice and information to brides and grooms visiting The Wedding Source, we encourage you to submit your wedding related article for publishing on The Wedding Please create an author account by clicking on the “Become an Author” link in the left hand column of this page. Your author account consists of your contact information, as well a direct link to your website. Once your author account is created, we are delighted to have you submit wedding related articles!

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Tips On Tips

Yesterday the bride handed me a tip after the wedding ceremony. As an officiant, I do not expect tips. I build all my costs into my fee, and I know the couple is having to put out so much money, that it is unreasonable to expect more money via a tip. I accepted the tip yesterday because it would have been ungracious to not accept it, and I received it as it was meant: a high compliment from the bride and groom.

Recently, I went to my home town to help my mother and my sister with the final planning for my sister's wedding. Every member of my family is a "Do-It-Yourselfer", so we had an unbelievable amount of flower arrangements, pew decorations, garlands, candles, silver, you name it, to set it up. We were working with a total of four hours to decorate the church, a huge reception hall, a large lobby and two gazebos.

Not long ago, I went to my hometown to help my mother and my sister with the final planning for my sister's wedding. About five days before the wedding, we were running errands and my sister turned to me and said that she has resigned to the fact that she probably will be too preoccupied to enjoy her wedding day. I was absolutely blown away by this. She was going to marry the man that she loves with all of her heart and for the day that would begin the rest of her life, she had settled for endurance rather than joy.

Planning a Budget for Your Wedding Day

Recently, my sister got married. The day was absolutely incredible! Many memories were made by all. Being the sister, and the Maid of Honor, I was able to see the many bumps in the road, that went along with creating the day she had always dreamed of.

Children are VIP Guests

Children and weddings are a topic of great debate. I personally feel that having children at your wedding is a reminder of where you are headed! If you choose to have children at your wedding, try not to treat them as little adults. Treat them as they should be, VIP guests!

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