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Congratulations! You’re getting married! We welcome you to the wedding planning article section of The Wedding! If you are looking for some innovative ideas for your wedding favors, or have unanswered questions about any aspect of wedding favors, we’re here to help! The articles below all relate to wedding favors.  Our wedding professionals offer information on everything from how to find wedding favors to serve as centerpieces or place cards, to how much you should expect to spend on wedding favors, as well as wedding favors to best compliment your wedding theme. 

These articles are written by some of the most trusted wedding professionals in the wedding industry. If you are planning a wedding, please contact any of these authors for additional information or assistance! They are delighted to help! You will find contact information in their biography, attached to each wedding article.

If you are a wedding professional and would like to offer helpful advice and information to brides and grooms visiting The Wedding Source, we encourage you to submit your wedding related article for publishing on The Wedding Please create an author account by clicking on the “Become an Author” link in the left hand column of this page. Your author account consists of your contact information, as well a direct link to your website. Once your author account is created, we are delighted to have you submit wedding related articles!

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How can a bride know how much is too much, and too little, to spend on wedding favors? While no one can give an exact dollar amount that is appropriate for every bride, this article can give you some great tips and hints to help you make your own deicision!

The Boldest Wedding Favors Out There!

Today's brides are making bolder and bolder choices when it comes to her wedding and reception, and her choice for wedding favors is no exception!

If you do any type of shopping for wedding favors these days, you may notice that the "hottest" new items out there include sachets, lip balms, guest soaps, bath salts, and items like these. So what's wrong with that? What's the "unfavorable" trend that's developing in today's wedding favors? Simply put, these favors are ignoring probably a good half of your wedding guests, namely, the men!

The general rule is to give one guest favor per family or couple. Depending on the type of favor chosen, some brides and grooms may choose to give one favor to each and every guest. Close family members and friends who have played a special role in the celebration (i.e. a bridesmaid, a godparent, grandparents, a best man, etc.) may receive a different and more elaborate guest favor than the guests.

Sugar-coated almonds -also called Jordan almonds, koufeta, confetti or dragees, have been around for centuries. The ancient Greeks and Romans marked important celebrations such as birth and marriages with honey-sweetened almonds. With the introduction of sugarcane in the European kitchens of the 15th-century, almonds adopted the thin layer of sugar we are accustomed to today.

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