You do not want your centerpieces to look cheap, but you are limited on the amount of money you can spend. I could not tell you how many cheap looking silk centerpieces that I have seen in these 15 years of Wedding Planning! Here are some great ideas for any budget. Even if you do not have a tight budget, these centerpieces are spectacular, and very easy and fun to make. These elegant centerpieces are sure to please.

  • Go to your craft store and purchase 5 tall and large vases. These clear vases are priced around 3-5 dollars. They should at least be 2 feet tall and up, the taller the better. For a more dramatic look, find 4 foot vases.
  • You want to fill the vases, here are some examples that you can choose from that would look great; glass stones any color to match your theme, or use clear stones. Clear stones look nice because they capture different colors from the lights. Marbles, silk pedals, rocks, (any color or natural for the ECO look), coffee beans, fruit; lemons, limes, oranges, apples, clear water or you can use food coloring in the water to match your theme.