Wedding invitations are one of the few pieces of mail that people enjoy receiving. It's fun to open up that envelope knowing there's a custom invitation inside. But amidst all of today's junk mail, how can you make your envelope stand out to get your guests' attention?

There are actually several ways you can make your mailing envelope as unique as your wedding invitation.

  • Shape - With so many wedding invitation designs available today, you could easily select a uniquely shaped style such as square or tea length. The mailing envelope will then reflect that same distinctive size to fit the invitation.
  • Style - Another option is to select a Seal and Send wedding invitation style. This all-in-one invitation is designed to be folded into a self-mailing piece eliminating the need for a mailing envelope. The response card is attached to the invitation so it can be easily detached by your wedding guest along the perforation. This also eliminates the response card return mailing envelope and saves on your postage cost as it only requires a postcard stamp.