You have been chosen as maid of honor for your close friend's wedding, and even though the event is still weeks away, you are already fretting about what you are going to say in your maid of honor wedding speech. The maid of honor wedding speech is one of the most important duties of the maid of honor. The words spoken to the bride and groom, and their wedding guests, should convey the importance of the day and connect the guests with the couple on a more meaningful level. Even though the maid of honor wedding speech seems a little overwhelming, with a bit of early preparation and creativity, your speech can easily become one of the highlights of the bride and groom's special day.

Having the crowd hang on your every word is as easy as following a few simple tips.

1) Don't forget the basics! It's easy to forget the basic information when you start your speech, but do remember to introduce yourself and tell how long you have known the couple, as well as what your connection to the bride is. Many of the wedding guests may not know you, so this information is important.