Some Tips To Help You Choose
Traditional or Digital for my wedding? In recent years, new methods for producing photographic images have evolved. Namely, the digital age has entered everyone's household language, and digital photography has become a popular choice. For the average person, a digital camera offers a simplistic way to take pictures and share them instantly with family and friends. The instant gratification of seeing the images you've captured is very exciting. I'm often asked what the difference is between shooting an event in digital or film and is one or the other a better way to go. In choosing a photographer for your wedding, it is a difficult choice at times trying to find someone to fit your budget and knowing you will get the results you desire. There are digital cameras on a professional level that have caught up to the quality of traditional professional equipment. There are many good photographers out there that use either traditional, digital or both and understand the differences in their equipment and quality of images produced. Good talent behind the lens and the quality of equipment and images produced are marks of a good photographer. A word of warning though, there has been a surge of those entering the field producing disappointing results.