First and foremost, hire a professional photographer. A professional will be competent, experienced and well equipped. They are trained, talented, and able to handle the fast pace and stress that is involved with wedding photography. The abilities to move quickly, problem solve, and think on their feet are invaluable. A professional will have years of experience not only in dealing with the technical aspects of photography such as lighting and equipment, but also in posing, working well with people, and knowing the flow of events that will rapidly unfold. They have experience in dealing with problems and are capable of handling them. Their experience enables them to work well not only with the bridal party and family members but also with the clergy and other wedding service professionals that you have hired for your wedding. You will be able to relax and enjoy your day with the confidence that everything will run smoothly and all of your important memories will be captured for you.

The most important thing to look for when hiring your photographer should be that you absolutely like their work and style. Photography is a very emotional and visual medium. You should not hire someone out of desperation or only for price point. Just like you know when you find that perfect wedding dress, you will know when you find the photographer suited to you. You should be very comfortable with them. Talent, skills and style come with experience. You need to personally view work samples and albums. Check to see if they have a website online and if so, check it out. Make sure that the work that you see displayed, whether it is on a website or from viewing sample albums, was done by the photographer that you are speaking to and that if you hire the company, you will get the photographer whose work you saw and want. That last statement is very important. You don't want to fall in love with the style of a particular photographer only to have a different one from the same company show up to photograph your wedding. Equally important is that you are comfortable with them and confident in their abilities to provide you with what you are seeking. Good Photographers get along well with people and will make others comfortable. It will show in your photographs. They are creative, well mannered, appropriately dressed for the occasion, courteous, and respectful. Their personality should be warm and friendly, never arrogant or demeaning.