Relax; they are professionals. They've been to more weddings than there are notes in a Bach cantata. So, I'm going to let you in on a few secrets to make sure that your wedding day photography not only goes smoothly, but that it provides you with the pictures you really want- those colorful, candid, and mesmerizing moments that will bring you back in time, faster than the scent of sparkling bubbly and fresh cut roses!

Think about how you visualize your wedding album. You've been planning and thinking about this day for months, so don't be shy about any ideas for particular shots that have popped into your head. If, in those bridal magazines, I know you or your spouse-to-be have splayed all over the kitchen counter, you've seen a picture you love, rip it out and show it to your photographer! If your mother has relatives coming in from Osaka and you'd absolutely die for a shot of them by the koi pool, please, by all means, share! Planning in advance is really important because on your wedding day, you will not be able to think straight! Communication is the cornerstone of successful wedding photography, ranking second in importance only to cameras! And, you know, light and physics and all that stuff! Let's move on!

Brides, I know the candid shots taken of you getting primped and prepped are going to be among those you look back on most fondly. Photographers are happy to show up wherever you're going to be preparing – taking travel time into consideration, of course, about two hours before you walk down the aisle! The important thing to remember is that the location they shoot these photos in will determine how well they come out. Lots of natural light is the key - think childhood bedroom or quaint little hotel rather than the dark basement of the church (unless the "Bride of Frankenstein" look is your intention)!