Since long before Princess Diana marched down the aisle to the "Prince of Denmark's March," trumpets have been a wonderful addition to countless weddings. Whether it is just one trumpet with organ, piano or string quartet, or multiple trumpets peeling fanfares, trumpets help to create an atmosphere of splendor and outright royal grandeur for any wedding. A bride may choose to unveil the trumpet at the moment of her grand entry.

Consider having the Reiche "Abblassen" to announce the bride. You may recognize this as the long-time theme from the TV series "CBS Sunday Morning." For the bridal procession, most brides go with the old standard, Clarke's "Prince of Denmark's March". You really can't go wrong with this piece. Other options are: Handel's
"La R'jouissance"; Purcell's "Trumpet Tune"; Mouret's "Rondeau," a.k.a. the "Theme from Masterpiece Theater"; Handel's "Allegro Maestoso"; or the contemporary wedding march, "Procesi'n Alegre," by Garry A. Cornell. The trumpet usually performs at the recessional of the wedding ceremony as well. Any of the above are good choices for this. Especially appropriate are the Handel "La R'jouissance" and "Allegro Maestoso," as well as the Mouret "Rondeau."