The Dream Inspiring Match Maker?

Nearly on a daily basis I am asked about groom's cake. What is it? Why do couple's have one? Where did the tradition emerge from? Is it for the wedding or the rehearsal dinner? Should it be comprised of chocolate cake?

Many people relate groom's cake to the quirky red velvet armadillo featured in the movie Steel Magnolias and think "why would I want that at my wedding?" But truly, groom's cake is a Southern custom rooted as strongly as the tradition of having a vast array of wedding cookies is in Western Pennsylvania. Superstition dictates that the single women in attendance of the wedding should take a slice of groom's cake home,sleep with it under their pillow, and that night they will dream of their future husband. Whether these sweet matrimonial dreams really do materialize or not, it would appear that the Southern tradition of groom's cake is indeed making a revival, and is becoming very popular in metropolitan cities where designers are creating elaborate displays to reflect the interests of the groom.