Should You Give A Gratuity?

Yesterday the bride handed me a tip after the wedding ceremony. As an officiant, I do not expect tips. I build all my costs into my fee, and I know the couple is having to put out so much money, that it is unreasonable to expect more money via a tip. I accepted the tip yesterday because it would have been ungracious to not accept it, and I received it as it was meant: a high compliment from the bride and groom.

One time the father of the bride did not realize I had already been paid in full and handed me a $100 tip. This was at an area chapel. I gave that tip to the chapel for their ministry.

I've never seen officiants on a bridal tip list. Usually an officiant receives a fee or honorarium. If it is your pastor, or priest, the honorarium should be at least $100 - $150. $50 may have been sufficient 30 years ago, but face it, gasoline costs more than twice as much as then. If you are not a member of the church, the honorarium should be $200 or more.