Watch out for wedding crashers Andrea, Barry, Chantal, Dean, Erin, Felix, Gabrielle, Humberto, Ingrid, Jerry, Karen, Lorenzo, Melissa, Noel, Olga, Pablo, Rebekah, Sebastien, Tanya, Van, and Wendy. The wedding will not go according to plan if just one arrives at your ceremony! These are the 2007 names assigned to tropical storms when they form in the Alantic Ocean!

The last thing you want to hear after all the hard work of planning a wedding is that Felix is coming, bringing 100 mph winds! This could be a likely scenario for weddings in the eastern and southeastern parts of the country, and the entire Gulf of Mexico coast. The season officially kicks off in the Atlantic June 1st and goes through November 30th, peaking in early September. The hurricane forecast calls for seventeen named storms, with five of them being major hurricanes! For a tropical storm to be tagged with a name, the winds have to be 39 mph or higher. The storm becomes a hurricane when the winds reach 74 mph. A major hurricane is when winds are 111 mph or higher. A Category 3 storm has winds at 111 mph to 130 mph, a Category 4 storm packs winds at 131 mph to 155 mph, and in a Category 5 storm the winds are 156 mph or greater. Just because the storm is named does not automatically mean it is going to make landfall in the United States, but some of the latest trends should have brides and wedding planners taking notice!