Your wedding day will be all about "happily ever after." But how did you get to that point? There are joyful and significant moments you may want to share with your wedding guests, the special times that led to "I Do."

Preserving your courtship story can revitalize the magic and memories of those special times. You and your groom will bond more as you crystallize the reasons you fell in love by creating a story booklet or video to share with your guests.
Many wedding guests want to know how you met and got engaged. I remember wishing that I had a handout at my wedding for everyone who asked us about the strange new way we had met -- on the Internet. We were pioneers in the mid 1990's.

Most important, two families will get to know each other through the story of how you came together. One family knows the groom, the other knows the bride. By learning your story, they will know "us."

Your story is the beginning of your family history. It will be read or watched by you and your children generations from now.