Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are given by the bride and groom to their guests as a symbol of gratitude for participating in their special day. The tradition has been practiced around the world and goes back many centuries. Well-placed favors can also enhance a particular d'cor or wedding theme. Take the time to infuse favors with your own brand of style and personality. A favor should be as unique as the couple offering them!
When thoughtfully chosen, favors will make a lasting impression for many years to come. Inspiration for choosing a wedding favor can come from a number of places. You may want to pay homage to your cultural heritage, emphasize a personal style or complement a specific decor or theme. You may choose such traditional materials as porcelain, silver, crystal or a pochette made from fine fabrics and trims. or opt for something less conventional such as paper or hand blown glass. Give your imagination free reign. The possibilities are truly endless!