Anyone can evoke a Southern mood for your wedding day. All you have to do is select the flowers and greenery that grow plentifully in the South and combine these with gracious Southern traditions.
I'm from the South, but my husband is born and raised in Pittsburgh, so we combined both regions. I was surprised to see the similarities. English ivy, a symbol of fidelity, is used frequently in Southern and Northern decorating because of its availability. Substitute baskets of ivy trimmed with ribbon for bouquets of flowers in the ceremony area. Tie strands of ivy accented with ribbon to the pews. If allowed, attach ivy-filled, reed half-baskets to the entrance doors.

For your wedding party bouquets, choose a traditional Southern Williamsburg look. Bouquet-in-a-cloud, a longtime favorite is a rounded cluster of flowers with netting nestled over the flowers. Net bags of potpourri are knotted to the end of the bouquet's ribbons.