Wedding Candles Set the Mood for Your Ceremony and Reception

As any bride knows, wedding candles are an integral part of any ceremony and reception. They have so many uses that it's important you choose your candles as carefully as you would choose your dress!

Candles are used for basic decorating purposes for both the ceremony and reception, but they also have more specific uses. Some couples use them in a unity wedding ceremony. The bride and groom each hold a tapered candle, representing their separate lives before they met. Together they light a pillar candle to show their union into a merged life. The three candles can then be placed in a beautiful unity and taper holder showing that the bride and groom are individuals but that together they are more. If either the bride or groom , or both, have children, they can be involved in the ceremony at this point by having their own tapered candles.You could choose a stunning theme for the unity candle and ceremony, such as Asian Fusion or Celtic Charm.