1. Remember that getting married on a Friday night or Sunday afternoon is a great way to save money. You could have a fantastic brunch for a Sunday afternoon wedding and be spending half the amount that you would for a dinner Saturday night. It's not just the hall and food that could be less; most vendors could give you a better rate on a day that they usually wouldn't have any jobs.

2. Consider having your reception and ceremony at the same location. This will save money on decor, flowers, transportation, etc.

3. If you are a bride with a smaller budget, look into what you can do yourself. Making your own favors is a great option for saving money. Make a CD of your wedding songs. With certain programs, I will not name, you can still download music for free. Writable CD's aren't very expensive if bought in bulk, and this is something you can easily do yourself. There you have a great favor for everyone or even every couple that comes to your wedding, and it cost you all of $0.30 - $0.40 a piece.