Doing nibbles and drinks, or platters after the ceremony instead of a full meal.

Having a small reception for very close family and friends but inviting everyone to ‘dessert and drinks’.

Ask people to pay for their meal instead of buying gifts.

Using the same venue for the ceremony and reception.  Venues will often give a discount or provide a ‘package’ for using them for everything.

Another idea would be to have your wedding in winter, or on a weekday.  Having your ceremony and reception outside of the peak seasons and days can save you a lot of money. 

Although your own finances maybe feeling the squeeze, remember that wedding businesses are also feeling the same pressure and they are keen to get your custom.  With a little bit of shopping around and getting quotes from a number of places, you may be able to get some good bargains to help drive your cost down.

For a small amount of effort, and some good forward planning there are many ways to keep your wedding to a budget and still make it the most amazing day of your life.