When it comes to your wedding vows, couples are often unsure of what to have or are only given the choice of the traditional vows.  They may not realize that they can design their own!

People are often interested to find out that the only legal requirement to their wedding are the words “Do you … take … to be your lawfully wedded husband/wife”, to which they hopefully answer “YES!” or "I do".  Apart from this one statement, the rest of the wedding ceremony is completely up to the couple, including their vows. 

When designing your own vows, start early on in your wedding preparations.  I have married one couple where the husband-to-be finally presented his vows just before the wedding ceremony, having stayed up half the night trying to work out what to say!  Your vows are just as important as other aspects of your wedding, and the promises you make carry on long after the ceremony.  For this reason alone you want to dedicate quality time to preparing what you will say!