For the Laid-Back Lovers

Imagine lounging in a comfortable chair with a cold drink in your hand underneath a palm tree. Yes, for you laid-back lovers, your preferred honeymoon ideas center around the beach where you can sample delicious, homemade seafood platters and drink ice-cold tropical drinks while watching sail boats pass by. Though many islands in the Caribbean have resort rooms that are rather expensive, these popular honeymoon destinations are usually more well traveled than the rest.

To ensure that you and your loved one get some alone time, consider travelling to Turks and Caicos, Antigua, or St. Maarten, which are, on average, much more affordable honeymoon ideas and not as touristy. St. Maarten, in particular, is just one side of a dually governed island. It still retains much of its quaint Dutch charm and also features a butterfly farm, excellent hiking opportunities, and a long boardwalk. Many resorts and hotels offer special deals to honeymooners, so you can truly get a package deal at a great price.

For the History Buffs

Some of the more popular honeymoon destinations have become a little too frequently traveled for the serious history buffs. Couples who have a specific time period or country in mind should do a little research before putting their honeymoon ideas into action.

There are a few exciting, recently popular honeymoon destinations however, including the charming Eastern European city of Budapest, which has a number of honeymoon ideas and attractions right in town, such as the remarkable City Park which houses a restaurant, one of the oldest zoos in the world, a circus, an amusement park, swimming pools and medicinal baths, a castle, two museums, the Palace of Art, and Heroes' Square, a well-known World Heritage Site. About an hour outside of the city is the start of the two centuries old Villany-Siklos wine route, which snakes around the countryside, allowing visitors to sample some of the best red wines in the world.

Another one of the more popular honeymoon destinations is a little closer to home - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With all the attractions close together, you'll be able to tour the city on foot, getting some great exercise while learning about America's history. About two and a half hours away is Gettysburg, home to the famed battlefield and the site of Lincoln's address to the nation. With a number of small hotels in the area, you may want to consider booking a package deal beforehand, so by the time you arrive, the concierge or housekeeper has set the scene with candles, champagne, flowers, and chocolates or other personalized honeymoon ideas.

Make It the Trip of a Lifetime

No matter which popular honeymoon destinations you choose, it should be the trip of a lifetime. It's one of the most special events you'll share with your loved one, so take lots of pictures, purchase a memorable souvenir to hang in your new home, and splurge on a leisurely dinner at a great restaurant. The hardest part is coming up with honeymoon ideas and choosing where you want to go; after that, it's time to enjoy some quality time with your sweetie!