Fabulous Boudoir Photography: The Perfect Wedding Night Gift

Ok, ladies. You’re planning the biggest event in your life. There are caterers to be called, table linens to choose, and flowers to be ordered. But what about the biggest NIGHT of your life? Once all of the guests have gone home, and it’s just you and your new husband? Traditionally, the bride and groom exchange gifts to celebrate their wedding. But what to get? He doesn’t need another shirt—and fancy watches are SO Pre-Recession. Well, here’s an idea for the Best Gift Ever. Are you ready? Boudoir photography. No—I’m serious. Yes, of course of you. Picture it: you present him with a fabulous image box with a large bow on it. The glamorous heels on the front cover look just like a pair you happen to own, so he’s curious. He opens the lid slowly—and he quite literally is speechless. It’s you! And you’re fabulous—and sexy—and wearing the hottest outfit he’s ever seen. He can’t believe his eyes! After relishing each and every image, he looks back up at you. And—well, I’ll let you finish the rest of the story.