Wedding Toasts - Presentation Tips

If you are preparing to offer a wedding toast at someone’s upcoming nuptials, here are 10 essential guidelines for presenting a great wedding toast:

1. Wedding toasts are not wedding speeches. Keep your toast short and to the point, usually no more than one to two minutes.

2. Before toasting, give the guests time to refill their glasses.

3. When you’re ready to make your toast stand up so people can see you. It’s customary to tap on your glass with a spoon to get everybody’s attention. Customarily, the only person(s) who remain seated are the one’s who are being toasted.

4. Hold your glass in your right hand when proposing the toast. Raise the glass toward the person you are toasting when you are finished.

5. After a toast, it is customary for everyone to clink glasses before sipping. People will follow your lead - show them when to clink their glasses and when to drink.