Not So Traditional Order of Wedding Toasts

Of course, tomorrow’s wedding traditions are defined by those who break the traditions of today. Non-traditional wedding toasts have been more popular in recent years. The new non-traditional order tends to give the impression of greater equality among the wedding’s participants.

Non-traditional wedding toasting may begin with a toast to the couple by the master of ceremonies. This toast is then followed by a response from the groom which includes thanks to the MC and the wedding guests, then a toast to the bride.

A non-traditional set of wedding toasts may continue with words from the bride which include thanks to the groom and a toast to her parents. This wedding toast may also embrace the groom’s parents, as well.

The father of the bride may propose a toast, or the master of ceremonies may introduce others who want to toast the happy couple. At some point, the toasts will end and celebration will begin.