In the traditional order of wedding toasts, the toast to the bride comes first. This is, after all, the bride’s special day. This toast is typically made by the best man, but can also be made by a relative or friend. In recent years, the toast to the bride has been replaced by a toast to both the bride and groom.

Once the toast to the bride is complete, the groom rises to respond. The groom’s response will include words to the bride, which are often an affirmation of the first toast. The groom then thanks the best man (or whoever proposed the first toast) and also thanks the parents attending the wedding, both his and his bride’s. The groom’s response closes with a toast to the bridesmaids.

After the groom finishes speaking, the best man responds. The traditional response of the best man is to thank the groom on the bridesmaids’ behalf. The best man’s response can be followed by the toasts of others, Maid or Matron of Honor and ushers or close friends.

The traditional order of wedding toasts is closed out by the Father of the Bride. His job is to thank all of the wedding guests on behalf of him and his wife. He usually toasts his daughter and her new husband. He then announces the commencement of wedding festivities.