Wedding Toasting Etiquette
Wedding Toasts are traditionally offered at the Rehearsal Dinner, Bachelor Party and of course, the Wedding Reception. How to determine who’s to say what and when is a bit of a mystery. Here we have assembled Wedding Toast Etiquette, Toasting Presentation Tips and an assortment of our favorite toasts, both humorous and classic. The following information will help prepare ‘toasters’ everywhere to come through with something insightful…or at least something reasonably rational! So if you are a Best Man, Groom, Maid or Matron of Honor, or Father of the Bride read on…we’re here to help.

Traditional Wedding Toast Etiquette

There are typically four people who will speak at a wedding. Traditionally and in order of appearance they are the Best Man, the Groom, the Maid or Matron of Honor and the Father of the Bride. Other people are welcome to speak as well, but typically these are the four main speakers at a wedding reception.

Toasting time usually happens once everyone has been seated and served champagne, but the bride and groom may want to have toasts between courses. A wedding toast usually begins with a little story or a quote to set the scene. The toast master will then proceed to make the toast. Your introduction should be appropriate for the particular event and suitable to the person(s) you are toasting.