Planning an outdoor wedding ceremony often takes more time and decision-making than you would expect. But if you have your heart set on the great outdoors, the most obvious factor is the weather. When you choose your venue for the ceremony, you must have a Plan B!

If there isn't a suitable building to use nearby, then spending the money to rent a small tent, which is set up within walking distance of the original ceremony site, may be your smartest investment. On a day when the weather is unpredictable,sunshine, raindrops, and more sunshine, it is imperative that a designated person, other than the bride and groom--have the authority to make the decision as to where the ceremony will take place. From my experience with garden weddings, a minimum of one hour is needed to make the switch. Chairs will need to be moved, flowers will need to be re-arranged, and the musicians must have time to move their equipment and to do a proper sound check so your alternate site will be just as lovely as the original.