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Facing Reality When It Comes To Your Budget

Nicole Lynch
Nicole "Nikki" Lynch is a mom, freelance writer, radioshow host and a professional Wedding planner 
By Nicole Lynch
Published on 03/17/2009
When you're getting married all you can think about is how perfect the day will be.You start collecting bridal magazines, searching the web, joining every wedding website in sight and in most cases get caught up in all the eye candy.

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Then you lay your eyes on the reception that you just have to have. But then reality steps in and it's called "your budget", because candy costs!

What is a bride to do when the budget monster rears its ugly head? Get a reality check!

Reality Check #1 You cannot, let me repeat not have a guest list of 250, plated steak & lobster dinner, cocktail hour and a 4 string quartet for $10,0000 or less. Anyone leads you to believe otherwise  is flat out lying.

Reality Check #2
Good news, you can have the wedding you've always dreamed of for $10,000 or less if you budget wisely and of course get real with yourself.

Reality Check #3
Being flat broke is not hot! Remember, when the wedding is over you still have to live. So don't spend what you don't have!

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Reality Check #4 The credit card company is not your friend. Once you've depleted your budget don't start swiping the plastic. #1 debt problem in america people.

Reality Check #5
Your parents are not your personal bankers. If you are lucky enough to have your parents pay some if not all of your wedding expenses, consider yourself lucky so be grateful. We've all seen bridezillas, are you really that bride?

Reality Check #6
Know when to bargain. Haggling your event planner to come down on her $500 fee to plan your entire wedding OR the photographer whose full album packages start off at $250. Vendors that cheap, even in a recession! Nough, its not. Remember the ole saying: you get what you pay for? It applies here!

Reality Check #7
Starting off a marriage in debt, not hot!

Now when you start having caviar dreams on a pigs in the blanket budget, please do not hesitate to refer back to this article.