Injecting your big day with a little creativity to personalize your wedding can be one of the most rewarding activities you undertake throughout the planning stages. Start by elaborating on your mutual interests or focus on the things that brought you together. If you met in a coffee shop, serve up some home-brewed, gourmet coffee during the reception or as unique wedding favors. If you were engaged while on a skiing trip in Colorado, decorate your reception tables with snowflake-themed elements. Though you have a lot of choices to make in the coming months, making your wedding day your own should be a special collaboration between you and your new partner.

Customizing your wedding day will always link your special day with you and your guests. Though there are many things that happen behind the scenes, many of your choices will be dictated by your theme, color selection, and wedding date or place.  Engaging your guests on your wedding day with relevant activities, dress code requests, menu selections, and unique wedding favors ensures that your families and friends will be talking about your wedding for years to come!