The wedding favor box carries on the timeless tradition established by the early European upper classes, who provided elaborate gifts to party guests. Initially, the gifts were small fancy boxes known as a bonboniere. The boxes were intended to hold bonbons or confectionery delicacies at a time when sugar was quite expensive. A bonboniere was fashioned of crystal, porcelain or gold and often encrusted with precious stones.

Today the box remains a popular means of presenting a small gift to guests as a symbol of appreciation from the newly married couple, for having been apart of the happy event. The wedding favor box will more commonly have a very simple styling and be tied with a ribbon, to complement an elaborate or simple wedding favor hidden inside. The presentation of decadent candies in delicate boxes evokes the spirit of this everlasting tradition.

The wedding favor box can be very ornate like the bonboniere, or be very simple gift boxes. Elaborate wedding favor boxes can be found in porcelain, crystal, stainless steel or pewter. Designs available from each medium, vary extensively to accommodate the personal taste of the bridegroom couple, or of the individual wedding guest. Porcelain wedding favor boxes can be found that emulate romantic love with hearts and cupids, or fun experiences with replicas of everything from golf bags to cruise ships.