Think creatively and add a personal touch to your special event with do-it-yourself wedding invitations. When your friends inquire about the invitation designer, you can proudly say you did them yourself, just don't tell them it was easy.

With the availability of home computers and the ease of downloading templates, fonts, and special wedding clipart, the budgeting couple has everything needed to complete the do-it-yourself wedding invitations project. What's not accessible online is easily found in stationery and art supply stores.

Selecting the decorative paper to make your own wedding invitations is the first step. This sounds simple, but there are a lot of options from classic ivory and white to floral or tropical, depending on whether the wedding is formal or casual.

Once the paper is chosen you can really get creative with fonts, clip art, borders, photos and even your own artistic hand-painted touches, but invitation designers recommend you keep focused on a tasteful basic as you ponder the possibilities of what to incorporate.