Titanium is another good choice of metal for wedding ring shoppers who are looking for something to last. Quite stronger than steel, this metal is so durable that rocket scientists use it to construct up to 85 percent of a space shuttle's material. Because it is so strong, titanium can be worn on a daily basis throughout most activities without worry of wear and tear that may occur with gold. Its strength allows many titanium ring manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on the product.

Titanium's strength also means more pure jewelry for buyers. Other metals such as gold or platinum often have additional alloys to give it strength, and the ring itself may be only 58 percent to 95 percent pure. Titanium, however, is strong enough when it is 99+ percent pure.

Despite this, many shoppers will find that titanium rings are alloyed with a second metal, often aluminum, and tin to create a very hard metal. While this will decrease the cost of the ring, it is not necessary for strength. Despite its strength, this metal is surprisingly light - 42 time lighter than steel, in fact. It is only slightly heavier than aluminum, making it a comfortable choice for man titanium wedding ring purchasers.