Much is written about etiquette for the bride and groom, but little is said about the responsibilities of the wedding guests. This article addresses those things that wedding guests can do to make the wedding a more pleasant event for everyone. Much is written about etiquette for the bride and groom, but little is mentioned about etiquette for wedding guests, yet the conduct of guests can create unnecessary stress before the wedding and on the wedding day. Following are things for wedding guests to consider that will make the wedding experience more pleasant for everyone involved.

• Return response cards in a timely manner even if you do not plan to attend. Couples must give their caterer an accurate guest count and they need the response cards to do so. Do not assume that your children, a date, or visiting relatives are automatically invited if their names do not appear on the invitation. Many venues, not to mention budgets, are not large enough to accommodate unlimited numbers of guests.

• Dress appropriately. If the ceremony will be held in a church, guests may not be able to wear sundresses, short skirts, shorts, and other revealing or casual attire, including baseball caps. Do not wear a cap, jeans, or shorts to any wedding except a very informal outdoor gathering.

• Arrive on time. If you are late and the processional or ceremony has already started, take your cue from the wedding coordinator or church coordinator. They will allow you to enter when there is opportunity to do so. If the processional is in progress, don't interrupt. Instead, wait until the wedding party has entered, then quietly slip in a side door and choose a seat in the back. Do not enter down the center aisle unless there is no other option.