Handmade Bridal Shower Invitations serve a practical purpose, and you can make gorgeous invitations that reflect the bridal showers theme if you have the time and a bit of creativity. You'll impress the guests and heighten the sense of anticipation as they look forward to your party.

For any theme party, stick to the central idea and use it to design a simple but creative invitation. For a kitchen theme, for instance, you can cut out various shapes such as measuring cups, toasters, etc. A cute idea might be a toaster, with a slice of toast in a contrasting shade of construction paper popped into a slit. When they pull the toast out, all the information is written on it.

What about a beauty or spa theme? Just cut out invitations in the shape of hand mirrors and write the information on one side, then put aluminum foil on the other side for the mirror's surface. Or fan-shaped invitations of folded paper for a touch of the orient are nice, too.

A lingerie party's invitations can be written on invitations cut out in the shape of little bras or panties. If you really want to be festive, glue a bit of lace trim on each of the invitations to dress them up. Bridal shower invitations don't have to be boring!