You take a look at your budget, then a look at your expenses and as tears well up, you consider cutting a few corners. Nice photographs won't pay the bills, right? But wait, you've heard the horror stories of "ruined" memories when the couple goes this route. Is there a way around it? Yes, but barely. If you are rolling in money by all means, hire a well-known competitively priced, reputable photographer. Your wedding is one day you want to remember forever. Pictures that make it look like you had the ceremony outside at 12 midnight when you know it was 10AM in sun shiny Florida won't sit well with anyone, so be careful.

If you are on a budget like most people are, you will have your work cut out for you. Try these 7 tips:

1. Ask around! Most low priced, but relatively good photographers are not spending money on big shiny ads in the yellow pages or magazines. They rely heavily on word of mouth.