Should I Release Butterflies At My Event
Should you release butterflies at your event? Not if you don't want a spectacular event. If you do not want anyone to remember how truly awesome a butterfly release can be, or how it can make your day a truly elegant one to remember a lifetime, then no, do not have a butterfly release. Go ahead and throw rice or bird feed. But be sure to check if you are allowed to do those things. Many places are not allowing bird seed or rice to be thrown anymore. Besides, who cares what mess that makes or if rice really hurts birds. Go ahead and throw rose petals. You won't see the look of wonder and smiles when a butterfly sits on your guest's finger. You won't hear any "Oohs and awes" as the butterflies soar around. Your day will be just like everyone else's.

But if you really want a spectacular day, then do not forget the butterfly release. Butterflies represent new life and hope. What better way to show the start of your new life and all of the hopes and dreams you have together. And when you do release those butterflies, do not forget to whisper your wishes to them. When you set them free, they will take them to the heavens to be granted. Now doesn't that sound better than rice or bird seed or rose petals?