Where are your wedding photographs right now? Are they in a box, in an album tucked away that you rarely look at, if ever? You probably have one of your favorite wedding photographs enlarged and framed hanging on the wall of your bedroom right? How much did you pay for that photography package? A lot of money right? Those packages are expensive and can consist of approximately 15% of your wedding budget. Why spend all that money and then not show off those fabulous photos of that wonderful day?

Dig those photographs out of the closet because there is a wonderful way to display all your cherished memories in one place without having to frame all your favorite pictures. Tell the story of your wedding day with a custom photo collage.

A mixture of photographs from getting ready before the wedding, to the exchange of vows, the first dance, cutting the cake and everything in between! All blended together to capture the joy and excitement of the day in one print. Include the flowers, the cake, the table setting, details of the dress, the invitations, any special details you want to remember in one unique beautiful display.

Frame your collage or create a canvas print with it. Any way you choose to display it, your photo collage will be a conversation piece to all who view it. It will be a unique keepsake to help you cherish those memories everyday.

You may choose to have your collage created for you by an online service. It’s as simple as mailing your photos in or emailing them if you have digital or can scan them. Your photos will not be harmed, simply scanned and then a beautiful keepsake created. If you are creative and have a good photo editing software, you may want to try your hand at creating one yourself.

So go ahead, find all your favorite wedding photographs and turn them into a stunning photo collage!