A top new trend in wedding accessories will entertain your guests as they arrive at your reception to find a unique wedding guest book signing station.

The first step is to have a photo collage of yourselves, the bride and groom created and framed. The collage should represent the both of you from childhood to your engagement. The most suitable layout would be photographs of the two of you growing up. One side for each of you, and then photographs of both of you together in the middle.

Frame the collage and have it set up on an easel in the entrance of the reception or a corner of the reception hall. This will give your guests something to view and keep them occupied while they wait to sign the guest book. It is also a way for guests to get to know each other as they reminisce over the pictures and how they all know the bride and groom.

Next, purchase a large frame and mat to fit inside the frame. Perhaps a 16x20 frame for an 11x14 picture to fit inside. The mat will serve as your guest book. Guests will sign the mat directly and then the signed mat will frame a favorite wedding photograph, or the collage of yourselves that was made. Or, you could have a wedding photo collage created.

Guests are entertained viewing your couple collage while signing your unique mat guest book and you are left with a unique keepsake to frame a special wedding memory and to cherish forever.