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What's a Groom To Do?

Elaina Jorge
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By Elaina Jorge
Published on 10/7/2008
While the busy bride is taking care of all of the wedding details, the groom should be handling his responsibilities. After purchasing an engagement ring for your bride-to-be, here are some ways that you can help with the planning of your wedding day.

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Write out your wedding guest list and ask your family to do the same.

Choose your best man and ushers for the wedding.

Decide on wedding attire for yourself and your groomsmen.

Shop for gifts for your groomsmen and present them at the rehearsal dinner.

Shop for a personal wedding gift, such as jewelry or lingerie for your bride.

Select wedding rings along with your bride. A nice touch is to have the rings engraved.

Plan the honeymoon several months before the wedding to ensure reservations.

Apply for the marriage license several weeks before the wedding and give it to your best man prior to the ceremony.

Give the officiator's fee to the best men prior the wedding ceremony.

Be certain that you and your bride have all necessary paperwork such as birth certificates, blood tests, Baptismal certificates, passports, etc.

Make arrangements with your best man to have any rental items returned following the wedding.