Cakes for Las Vegas weddings can be as distinguished as the bride and groom themselves. The cake can be considered one of the most important parts of a Las Vegas wedding. It is important to research cakes and refreshments before deciding on your cake décor and your cake vendor. Here are some ideas and information on cakes for Las Vegas weddings.

The Bride's Cake
It is fairly popular for the couple who are engaged to shove the cake in each other's faces, rather than eating it. It is usually a large cake, multi-layered or tiered, and heavily decorated with icing, occasionally over a layer of marzipan or fondant, topped with a small statue representing the couple. Wedding package cake toppers are small models that sit on top of the cake, normally a representation of a bride groom in formal ceremony attire. They can be decorated with flowers or with chocolate which has been molded or modeled into different shapes. Cake Decor for Las Vegas weddings A few people put live flowers on their cakes. A length of tulle loosely billowed on the top of the table gives the impression of your cake floating on clouds. A lace tablecloth would be lovely draped across the cake table. Decorating the cake table needn’t be time consuming nor expensive.