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Creative Tips for Using Wedding Favors

Linda Ellison
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By Linda Ellison
Published on 10/3/2008
Your wedding favors can be used as centerpieces or as part of your wedding's decorations and decor - if you know how!

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As most brides know, wedding favors are typically handed out to guests as a way to thank them for being part of your special day. However, there are ways to do this appropriately, ways to do this incorrectly, and ways to use your wedding favors as more than just handouts.

First off, keep in mind that you want your guests to know that you're handing out wedding favors. If you're not using them as a part of your place settings or table decorations, then they should be readily available by the door. More formal occasions may have a waiter hand them out as people leave. You can also have them displayed beautifully by the coat check room. For more informal affairs without extra waiters or coat check areas, you can arrange a beautifully set table by the exit door. Younger members of the wedding party or those who were not able to participate in the ceremony may be happy to stand by the door and hand them out. Either way, you need to make sure that guests know that there are wedding favors waiting for them when they leave. The worst thing you can do is not let people know that there are favors waiting for them. You also want to make sure they're presented in a nice way; use a big wicker basket for bags or make sure the table you use is covered in a nice cloth.

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Using your wedding favors as part of your place settings or table decorations can also be a good idea if they're attractive and are arranged nicely. For instance, if you choose personalized candy bar wrappers as favors, you can arrange these in a nice circle in the middle of your table. If you have something in a nicely wrapped box or tulle bag tied with ribbon, you can put these in the middle of the dinner plates to really dress them up. If your meal is buffet style and you have no plates on the table, they can be where the place would be, or arranged nicely in a basket in the middle of the table. Remember, wedding favors can be more than just handouts; they can be used as part of your table setting and decorations to really give your reception area a decorative feel and welcome your guests to a beautifully set table.

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Of course, none of these ideas will work well if your wedding favors are not dressed up appropriately. If you make your own or buy ones online, take the time to wrap them in beautiful paper and ribbon. This doesn't need to be expensive paper, but something silver or gold or in a color that matches your wedding's theme and color. Rolls of ribbon can be purchased at craft or fabric stores. To give your favors a festive feel, wrap them with strings of crystal beads.

Be sure to put some thought into how you present your wedding favors and use them as part of your table's decorations and settings. This way your guests will know that you truly appreciate them being there to help celebrate their special day, and you know that your favors will be treasured and appreciated.