Most brides today wish they could go out and buy anything and everything they want for their wedding and reception, but unfortunately most know that they need to stay within a certain budget. Because of that, many brides wonder the appropriate amount to spend on every item and accessory, including their wedding favors. How much is too much, and how little is too little? Having a budget is a good idea and even commendable, but no one wants to come across as cheap or tacky. So what is a good amount to spend on your wedding favors, and how can you get "the most bang for your buck," so to speak?

Obviously the answer as to an appropriate amount for wedding favors will be different for every bride and every wedding. The one thing to keep in mind regarding your budget and your particular wedding is that your favors should be appropriate for the occasion itself; a more upscale wedding should have more elegant wedding favors, whereas a more casual wedding would offer more affordable and perhaps fun favors. If you have a wedding that includes a designer gown that everyone knows cost you thousands, held in a very old cathedral with a reception at a fancy country club, your guests may very well be offended or insulted by cheap plastic trinkets. On the other hand, fancy silver candlesticks may seem somewhat out of place at your barefoot beach wedding.