The days of the "blushing bride" are over! In times past it was expected that the bride would be demure, shy, and even timid, but those days are long gone. Today's bride is often a career oriented, successful woman that is not shy about her choices when it comes to every detail of her wedding, and nowhere in the wedding ceremony is this more obvious than her choice of wedding favors. How so?

Think of the statement that many wedding favors make about the bride, her groom, and their life together. For example, many today are giving out packets of seeds and even small plants or saplings. This of course shows their concern for the environment. Some brides are choosing small tokens of their favorite hobby or passion, such as models of motorcycles or paperweights with the Harley Davidson logo on them, if the bride is a "biker chick" and not afraid to show it. Another popular choice by way of wedding favors is key chains or tokens from a favorite museum, especially one that celebrates her heritage or family. For example, don't be surprised if you were to receive a souvenir from the Museum of the Cherokee Indian or the African American Heritage Museum at a wedding in the near future. These types of wedding favors make a bold statement from the bride that her family, and her family's heritage and history, are very important to her.