In a Garden: Garden weddings and receptions are simply gorgeous. There is nothing more divine than to be married in a garden setting surrounded by flowers, birds and your friends and family. Whether it is a friend's manicured lawn, a public park or a lush botanical garden, this is the ideal setting.
Don't overdo the decorations with a garden wedding or reception; let the beauty speak for itself. This is actually the perfect setting for the budget minded bride, since the scenery will be so beautiful, and is usually free. It would be a good idea to set up buffet style food stations under tents if you are concerned about the weather. Otherwise, a seating arrangement of white tables and chairs would be perfect for your guests to enjoy the fare you have planned. You can go with without tablecloths, using only a small arrangement of flowers as centerpieces.
As evening comes lighted candles will be the perfect touch. To keep the atmosphere romantic you can hire a strolling violinist to wander among your guest playing soft music. And when it is all over, you will be amazed at how beautiful your wedding photographs are with the beauty of flowers in bloom, green grass and fresh air in every shot.