In a Banquet Room: Banquet rooms are the perfect location for weddings and receptions for larger crowds. Banquet rooms whether they are located in hotels, country clubs, mansions or museums are very popular, so it would be best to book this location as early as possible.

The good thing about these large rooms is that it makes it quite easy to decorate using just about any theme. You can choose to be as simple or as elegant as you want; however, a good rule of thumb is the larger the room the more extravagant the decorations should be.

A sit down dinner is ideal for a banquet room reception, especially when there is an onsite staff ready to handle all the details. Fully stocked bars are popular at these locations, as well as a full menu and a lively band.

Though this type of wedding and reception site may seem daunting in size, it can actually turn out to be a warm and cozy setting with the proper decorations. So don't hesitate to select a banquet room, and invite as many guests as you want to help you celebrate the most special day of your life.